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ATS & Alcohol Treatment

When alcoholism is viewed only as a disease, it implies the individual is powerless to affect change. However, research shows that alcohol problems are often resultant of an individual attempting to manage emotional pain or psychological distress through harmful measures.

As thoughts such as 'I feel bad, I need a drink,’ or ‘I feel down, and I can't get through the day without a drink,’ become the norm, it becomes clear a problem has developed.

Routinely drinking when feeling low encourages the formation of a habit that can cause one drink to become one bottle, and an altered state of mind (intoxication). This learned pattern becomes a vicious cycle of self-harm, which transitions into a downward spiral ending at 'rock bottom.’

And if rock bottom weren’t enough, even further damage is done to interpersonal relationships, as more detrimental behaviours are exhibited such as:

  • lashing out at others verbally or physically
  • avoiding the responsibilities of daily life
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These behavioural patterns develop because having a relationship with alcohol becomes the sole focus for the alcoholic. Stepping away from the chaos alcohol dependency creates and moving forward toward a more positive and healthy future is the ultimate goal.

To that end, ATS delivers a unique and specialised service because we understand that individuals suffering from alcohol dependency require powerful and well-researched psychological assistance to identify healthier coping mechanisms.


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